World Daily Fantasy Sports League

Think You Have What It Takes To Compete With The Big Boys? Test Your Skills Here In The World Daily Fantasy Sports League!

Welcome To The World Daily Fantasy Sports League!

The WDFS is a brand new type of daily fantasy sports league. In The WDFS, you compete against other daily fantasy sports players in head to head matchups. The league is composed of several sports, divisions and weight classes where you can compete and move up the rankings to get a shot at becoming champion!

The WDFS currently offers competition in the following daily fantasy sports:

  • NBA
  • MLB
  • PGA
  • NHL
  • MMA
  • NFL

Compete in one, two or even all seven sports if you like!

Each fantasy site that we offer competitions for represents a division in the WDFS. We currently offer competition in the following sports divisions:

  • Draft – Sign up using promo code DFSMASTERS1 and receive a $3 free ticket to use towards your first contests.
  • Drafters – Sign up using promo code DFSMASTERS10 and receive a $10 credit to use towards your first contests. In addition, deposit any amount up to $100 and receive a 50% matching bonus!
  • DraftKings – Sign up by clicking this link and deposit any amount up to $25 and receive a $25% matching bonus!
  • FanDuel – Sign up by clicking this link and receive a $25 credit when you play $10 worth of contests.

Each week matches are booked between the competitors in the WDFS. A match consists of 3 or 5 rounds of contests. Each contest has an entry fee equal to the amount assigned to the weight class.

For example, if you compete at Bantamweight, you will play 3 contests (rounds) against your opponent that week for the price of $1 a contest. Beat your opponent that round and you win a cash prize. The prize is equal to the contest entry fee minus whatever percentage that Daily Fantasy site charges. So for instance on Draft at Bantamweight, you would win your entry fee back plus $0.80. The player who wins the most rounds wins the match and is rewarded the win that week.

However, you can also score a knockout or submission against your opponent. If you beat your opponent by more than a certain number of points in a round, that is considered a knockout and the match is over for the week. If your opponent has a player on their team that fails to score a certain number of points, that is considered a submission and the match is over for the week. Knockouts and submissions are very good for your rankings as they can give you a higher ranking than someone with a similar record as you who does not have as many knockouts and submissions. Even if your opponent wins the first two rounds, if you win the third by knockout or submission you win the entire match!

As you win matches each week, not only do you win money but you can move up the rankings in the division and weight class you are competing in. Get to the top of your weight class and now you can earn a shot at the World Championship. World Championship matches are 5 contests (rounds). Win a World Championship match and you are crowned champion of the World for that sport, division and weight class. Every 3-5 weeks you will defend your title against a new player!

The normal price to compete in the league is $15 for a 3 month membership. This fee allows you to pick one sport, one division (fantasy site) and one weight class to compete in. If you would like to compete in multiple, you can but each new one is an additional $15.

However, because we are just launching the league we are offering a new launch special! Sign up for the league today and pay only $15 for the entire season of the sport!

There are also additional prizes that you can win if you become champion and successfully defend the title a certain number of times.

We currently offer the following leagues and sports:

  • NFL DraftKings
  • NFL FanDuel
  • NFL Drafters
  • NFL Draft
  • NBA Drafters
  • NBA Draft
  • NHL Draft
  • MLB Drafters
  • MLB Draft
  • PGA Draft
  • PGA DraftKings
  • MMA DraftKings
  • NASCAR DraftKings